Make Europe your second home
EU Citizenship & Residency by Investment
Key benefits of an alternative
Residency OR Citizenship


Worldwide travel for business or pleasure without the burden of constant visa applications


Relocate to Europe and other locations worldwide with entire family in a matter of months

Wealth Preservation

Preserve your wealth by taking advantage of a favourable tax regime, in financially reliable countries


Invest in real estate and other assets with options to release your investments when the investment term is over


Enhance your financial stability due to stable economic and political environments of a second home country

Children's Education

Access for your children to have world’s most prestigious education

Your professional stepping-stone into Malta & the EU
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Who we are

European Resident is an investment immigration firm based in South Africa offering residency and citizenship solutions in the EU. We work with private clients, providing advice in investor immigration solutions and relocation to the EU. Through our robust network of international partners, European Resident ensures a truly personalised service, conducted with absolute discretion, speed and integrity.

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