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About European Resident
European Resident is an investment immigration consultancy based in
Cape Town, South Africa. We work with private clients, providing advice in
investor immigration solutions and relocation to the EU. European
Resident acts as trusted advisors to non-EU investors and their families, as
well as to lawyers, real estate agencies and other firms in South Africa and
internationally. Through our robust network of partners, European
Resident ensures a truly personalised service, conducted with absolute
discretion, speed and integrity.

Personalised approach
Many people are looking for a “plan B” at present, both to create further
opportunity and to secure their future. This can be achieved through
various avenues, depending on individual circumstances. We help our
clients identify the most suitable route for alternative citizenship or
residency, as well as provide assistance with your application process. We
also facilitate property investment for our South African clients who are
looking to diversify their portfolios and invest in offshore property markets.

Our Story
Julia Dugina lived, studied and worked in Malta since 2002. She started
working in the Investment Migration industry in 2014, the year the
citizenship by investment programme was introduced in Malta. This was a
natural transition from having a background in corporate and banking.

After assisting clients with their Malta-related queries, mainly from Russia
& CIS countries, but also several African regions, Julia founded European
Resident which now assists clients with relocation and property services in
different European countries.

Julia is now based in Cape Town, and focuses on assisting South African
clientele with both relocation to EU as well as support in process of
obtaining EU residence/citizenship for peace of mind of having a plan B.

Your Consultant

Julia Dugina

Immigration Consultant


Why European Resident

Based in South Africa
We are based in Cape Town and available to meet clients in different locations across South Africa. Working with citizenship/residency applications of local clients with different needs and backgrounds gives us the expertise of handling various types of requests.
Strong network of partners
Through our network of partners we ensure that our clients receive the most effective and efficient client care available. We are in direct liaison with government authorities in respective countries and will provide assistance from both South Africa as well as the country you choose as your second home.
Proactive client-care
We are always at hand and quick to respond. All documentation is processed rapidly and managed efficiently. We ensure that our clients receive the most effective and efficient client care available.
Completely independent
We do not represent any specific program or real estate project. We work on the clients’ side in order to find the best solution based on their needs.
Your professional stepping-stone into Malta & the EU
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