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Apply for a work permit in Malta

All EU/EEA/Swiss nationals as well as their eligible family members (spouses and cchildren/ regardless of their nationality) do not require any permits to work in Malta. All other persons must have a relevant permit to work in Malta.

If the prospective applicant for a work permit is already in Malta on a long-term visa or residency, he/she can submit their own application (endorsed by the employer). Alternatively, the application may be submitted by the employer, in which case, the applicant would be invited to come to Malta for biometrics and to complete the application process once pre-approved.

Please consider the two possible application routes:

- The Single Permit (ordinary application process)

- The Key Employee Initiative (fast-track route where gross annual salary
exceeds Euro 30,000)

The process for obtaining a single permit takes around 3-4 months from the date on which the application was lodged. In case of an application falling under the Key Employee Initiative, the process takes an average of 1 week.

Please note that employers have to prove, unless the employment in question falls
within the vacancy exemption list, that they have tried to fill the job vacancy  with
persons from Malta or EU/EEA countries/Switzerland, before submitting an application for a prospective non-EU employee.

The fee for a single permit application is €280.50. The fee must be paid when the single permit application is submitted. If the application is refused, there is no refund of the fee.

Benefits of having our assistance:

It is strongly suggested that, once a job offer is in hand from a Maltese employer,  the
employee, whether residing in Malta or not, seeks professional guidance from an
immigration firm in order to apply for the work/ residence permit.

We take the load off the employer’s shoulders. Employer’s involvement will be required to provide necessary information, approve and sign documents
We handle the entire process until residency card is issued
Over 7 years of experience and 100% success rate
We will monitor applicant’s document collection to ensure everything is done in compliance with the requirements

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Optional: to best assist you, you may attach a copy of your CV detailing educational and
career background. It can be in your own format or in the Europass format which is
widely used across EU: Europass CV Builder

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